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Civil Estimator With a Mid Life Crisis. 


If you've wondered about buying the book entitled, "I love my job, but I hate you," this may be for you. Whether it's your company or the people you're working with, both affect your life. The job satisfaction of estimators in civil construction varies. Would you re-arrange your career future if you could?


One of our great clients, a big five civil contractor in North America, will soon have an opening in their road building division. They're looking for a right person to take over an established senior estimator's role from someone who's retiring.


This Work, the Family.


The culture is comfortable, established, and professional. The projects are fascinating, large municipal and provincial roads, highways, bridges, tunnels. You are a key person in our small group of skilled estimators. The business is smooth, predictable, procedures are in place, it's a well oiled machine. People are taken care of, listened to, and executives are sent to management school to teach them how to be human. Job satisfaction ratings high, It's a team.


The Next Generation Replacement.


This is an opportunity for someone to re-arrange their life and career in ways that truly matter. Home, family, work, surroundings, benefits, challenge, career track, development, role expansion, scope, responsibility, even small things like travel time or work off premise, it's all on the table. What do you need? Think about the nature of the work you currently do. Some of it is rewarding, and some of it very mundane. Do you want to work at your desk, or out in the field? What are your strengths, talents? This can be your career makeover, a new chapter in your life. Approximately, you might have:


  • 3 to 10 years experience.

  • You could be an intermediate, or a senior estimator. We'll consider ether level.

  • You know the industry, market labour and equipment rates, the trades, the process.

  • Location: Vancouver, optionally Fraser Valley.


The Pay Plan.


Wages are somewhat above average for good reason. Besides having the best work life on the planet, it reminds everyone that their company respects them and is willing to show it with actual money. Depending on your experience, it could pay up to $118k with scheduled annual wage increases. Extensive benefits, matching RSP contribution, dental, bonus plan, expenses, everything is taken care of.




Please send me your confidential resume, or just an email.


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You could have an affair, buy a red convertible, or simply send me your resume. I might change your life, - in a good way!


Thank you.

Heidi, Partner / Metrik Management Inc. 

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