The Interview is the least effective way to select a candidate.

Interviews aren't great tools for selecting the correct candidate. Among other things, candidates find the interviewer did all the talking, interviews aren't structured, there is no interview strategy, no depth to the questions, group interviews become ego exercises, and more. If you have an HR manager the quality of the interview goes way up. Here's how to improve your interview process. What the research says, Most organizations use four predictive tools. This is how well each of these tools works for you.

  1. Testing for ability 53% (most accurate)

  2. Testing for personality 38% accurate

  3. Reference checking 26% accurate

  4. Interviewing 14% least accurate

The best way of understanding the true capabilities of any candidate is to combine all four. Do each step thoroughly and the numbers say you could be over 80% correct in your hiring decisions. Many people, myself included, rely heavily on interviews. I find these numbers counter intuitive, but it is what the research says. Interviews are only 14% accurate when it comes to predicting employee performance. We know enough about pre-hiring verification to reduce selection failure almost entirely, but, we also have to follow the process. If you choose the correct people you also impact the quality of care as well as related efficiencies. Selection determines future performance of everything. Thank you Wolf Babbel Partner Metrik Management Inc. A boutique search agency making management decisions that change client organizations. (Source: These numbers may vary between researchers but interviewing tends to remain the least effective predictive tool while testing, in it’s varied forms, tends to be the most accurate predictor of future performance. These numbers above were taken from the book “Hire the Best” by M. Mercer PH.D. He shows them as being taken from five different research sources. ) Note: Interview quality goes up considerably with structured interviews. Where the company has designed a question and fact finding process to uncover the qualities required.

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