Thinking Outloud

Turtle on a fence post

“Whenever I see a turtle on a fence post, - I know I don’t have the whole story.”

Some candidates reach heights they can’t get to on their own. Maybe like the turtle, they had some help. I’ll have to uncover the rest of the story.

(Old fable, old joke, still true)


Life is unique, different and the surface story is often only part of a candidate's true picture. If the underlying story makes sense, I'm fine with that. Or, maybe it doesn't make sense. Perhaps what's being presented is not true. Either way, it's part of the hiring decision.

Income or net worth?

I get a little tired with the relentless focus on salary.  The long game is not about the size of your salary, - it’s about your net worth, your equity. Salary stops at some point, but your net worth carries you forever.

The irony is, - your salary does not determine your net worth. Your financial IQ does that.

Everybody who earns $100k doesn’t end up in the same financial position. So how well you live can’t have that much to do with salary?

18 months in Patagonia is hurting your career choices.

How to overcome the problem. Self actualization detours, even with whale pictures, never help a professional resume. What to do. Get strong, solid reference from past managers. If your past boss is still with that company and willing to say good things about you, you will overcome any other weaknesses in your past employment history. I may have questions about a candidate and a resume, but if I can get solid references, - assuming you know what you’re doing, - chances are you’ll get hired.

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