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Construction. The people side.

Whether your planning your own career or trying to hire the best candidates, some thinking around the people part of the industry.

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Hoodys belong to the pajama family. Not to be worn in public. Especially never to an interview, even if it's Saturday. Yes they keep you warm and on a cold construction site, a hoody might be a good idea.

True incident. A Civil estimator 35 yrs old, commands $120k plus salary, showed up at Red Robin for a Saturday interview, - with a hoody on, to meet my (older) client. Oh happy day. He wants to build our highways and bridges and be an integral part of a $200M heavy civil company’s future.

Some thoughts

  • Hoody's are generational clothing. A hoody is not on your Grandma's serious clothing list. Wear what you want, just remember you can't control what other people think.

  • Go to the GAP or Tommy Hilfiger, buy a uniform. It includes, straw colored khakis, dark blue heavy polo shirt and deck shoes. That's all you need to pass the social acceptability test. I think it applies to both men and women, you can adjust that to taste. Don't dress for yourself, dress for the outcome you want. Fashion is always working, - either for you or against you, but it's working.

  • Try and look like you take other people and life seriously.

How to overcome the problem. Self actualization detours, even with whale pictures, never help a professional resume. What to do. Get strong, solid reference from past managers. If your past boss is still with that company and willing to say good things about you, you will overcome any other weaknesses in your past employment history. I may have questions about a candidate and a resume, but if I can get solid references, - assuming you know what you’re doing, - chances are you’ll get hired.

If you’re asked to an interview, just go. Don’t qualify the opportunity with salary and working condition requests. Explore it, I always learn something. They’ve read your resume, they have a reason for asking you to a meeting. Take 45 minutes out of your life to meet people in your industry. At worst you make a new contact, at best you accept a new position. Doors open and close. Soon, this door will be closed again.

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