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Construction hiring,  BC / AB
Civil, ICI, Commercial, TI, Towers, residential multi, concrete, industrial, marine

The candidate network built over a decade

We may not know everyone in BC, but sometimes it feels like it. People are moving, the best ones are moving slow and carefully.  Over the past decade our research group has built and maintained the most comprehensive data base of people involved in all categories of construction.  They are employed, we've chosen them because of their exceptional career history, unique accomplishments, or high recommendations.

Some have made us aware it's time for a career change and to let them know when the right opportunity surfaces. Others know about us, but we don't know if they're ready to make a career move. When you decide to work with us, we'll identify the right candidates for your position and approach them, in full confidence both for you and for them.


  • Project managers, estimators, superintendents, general superintendents, foreman, general foreman, CM/construction managers, general managers, operation managers, accounting / controller / VP finance in construction, HR/ Human resources managers with specific construction experience.

  • Geography: BC and Alberta

  • Operational leaders

  • Accounting, controller positions

  • Project managers
  • Superintendents
  • Estimators
  • Financial, accounting, controller

  • Commercial
  • Residential, multi unit
  • Concrete High Rise
  • Institutional
  • Civil, municipal
  • Civil heavy
  • Industrial heavy
  • Mechanical heavy

Management Comment

Good morning –

In the last week I’ve encountered a few hiring decisions I don’t completely agree with. I think the VP had a chance to build the company. Instead, he filled the position.


Hiring a replacement or organization building?

Every hire you make is a doorway into another level. You could look for a direct replacement or you could search for a candidate with the capacity to act at a completely different level. Someone who can do the job, but also bootstrap you into another performance level. A capability level that you didn’t have with the incumbent.

Construction companies are limited by many things but current staff project experience, maturity levels and intelligence are big ones.  Your project manager’s work history governs what type of work you bid on. You might not be doing a lot of clinics and hospitals because you don’t enough of that experience on payroll. Clinics are better work than Starbucks. A hospital is better work than modular camp housing. It depends on what your people are good at.

A civil company is battling it out at the municipal improvement level because those people cost less and are more readily available than bridge guys and “that’s what we do anyway.” But it also constrains any future growth. You can’t move into higher margin, more complex, engineered projects with small diameter pipe and backhoe guys.

The take away –

- Do you want to replace the incumbent, straight across?

- Should you hire at another level to bootstrap your business trajectory?

- Who you hire is defined by either your business problem or your business future.  


Organization building could require different people than you may have been thinking of.

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