Construction hiring,  BC / AB
Civil, ICI, Commercial, TI, Towers, residential multi, concrete, industrial, marine

The candidate network built over a decade

We may not know everyone in BC, but sometimes it feels like it. People are moving, the best ones are moving slow and carefully.  Over the past decade our research group has built and maintained the most comprehensive data base of people involved in all categories of construction.  They are employed, we've chosen them because of their exceptional career history, unique accomplishments, or high recommendations.

Some have made us aware it's time for a career change and to let them know when the right opportunity surfaces. Others know about us, but we don't know if they're ready to make a career move. When you decide to work with us, we'll identify the right candidates for your position and approach them, in full confidence both for you and for them.


  • Project managers, estimators, superintendents, general superintendents, foreman, general foreman, CM/construction managers, general managers, operation managers, accounting / controller / VP finance in construction, HR/ Human resources managers with specific construction experience.

  • Geography: BC and Alberta

  • Operational leaders

  • Accounting, controller positions


The trend in operational construction hiring

  • Hiring failure is a more prominent issue because when a PM, Superintendent, Estimator, etc, doesn’t work out successfully, the project falls behind, construction costs mount, trade work becomes flawed. Add to that the high cost of manager and the hiring fees attached, hiring failure has become an important issue.

How companies are battling the issues of hiring failure and cost.

  • They’re hiring for their exact culture usually by hiring internal HR staff, or partnering with one search firm more closely. The result is better knowledge about the kind of candidate that  is going to succeed with your firm, your kind of project, your management expectations, your culture.

  • Some GMs and HR Managers are reducing the number of search firms down to one or two, but also relying on them for higher quality results. Like any business, search firms value clients whom they have a good working relationship with.

  • The result is lower recruiting costs in return for a greater degree of quality and loyalty.

  • It does require that construction company's take time to understand the capability, practice knowledge and experience a firm has with their world.

  • Project managers
  • Superintendents
  • Estimators
  • Financial, accounting, controller

  • Commercial
  • Residential, multi unit
  • Concrete High Rise
  • Institutional
  • Civil, municipal
  • Civil heavy
  • Industrial heavy
  • Mechanical heavy

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