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Construction. The people side.

Whether your planning your own career or trying to hire the best candidates, some thinking around the people part of the industry.

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I no longer think there is such thing as "management styles". Business gurus and schools have turned that subject into a reliable revenue stream. Today I know there are screamers and non-screamers. If you employ a screamer, you end up sending people to management seminars, have lots of turnover, sick days and poor productivity. How to not hire screamer managers, - that’s worth studying

Some years ago I was reading a book called "Mindhunter, - Inside the FBI's elite serial crime unit. Written by John Douglas. Why? It occurred to me that detectives and hiring managers were in the same business. The business of finding the truth hidden by the candidate's message. The risks were not the same, the FBI was tracking down killers while an HR manager is trying to make the best hiring decision for the company.

At some point Douglas makes it clear the intent of an FBI question is not to get an answer but to limit your future response range, and / or serve as a setup to leverage the interrogator to the next level.

Next time you answer question, remember they're not looking for answers. They're using your answer to get behind your message and at the truth. Or, maybe they're just looking for answers.

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For the record, no matter what anyone tells you, your resume can be three pages long. Construction, heavy equipment, healthcare management, $80k to $200k, you should always use more than one page. Tell your story chronologically, give the relevant information. Your picture? Probably not.

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