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“Monotasking is the new multitasking.”




Executive direct search for the best talent keeps our candidate files strong. If you have a difficult to fill position anywhere in Western Canada, please let us know. There's a good chance we know where your next employee is currently working.


Right now, a few stand out.


(A) HD Equipment Sales & Rentals

Mid career candidate with an entire career track in heavy equipment.  Spent 8 great years selling heavy equipment in Alberta before moving his family to the GVRD.  Most recently selling construction equipment.  Bachelors in Business Administration & Economics.  

Available within 2 weeks.


(B) Sales & Rentals, Forklifts & Aerial Lifts

Based on the Lower Mainland, this candidate has been responsible for calling on construction and contractors selling forklifts, aerial lifts, material handlers, excavators and wheel loaders for 7 years. Comfortable cold calling and prospecting on a daily basis.  Early career sold agricultural equipment for New Holland.



(C) Okanagan Based Construction & Equipment Sales

This candidate has spent the last 10 years selling construction and agricultural equipment in the Okanagan region on BC. Has average $1.8M-$2.2M sales in last few years.

Available: 2 weeks.


Other notes

1. A successful branch manager, Fort St., John / Dawson creek area, carries his own account load. Educated, young but a mature manner, intelligent. If you can get him, you would make a position in your company. He's a strategic find.

I'm pushing to get him 20% increase in income, (from current $165k), expanded role, maybe key accounts, he'll talk relocation but it depends on the career future.


2. Superstar GVRD / Vancouver area forklift sales professional. Earns $150k+ which means he's moving a lot of iron. The next logical step would be to heavy equipment. Bigger numbers, up the food chain. He lives and breathes material handling sales.


I'm working on these together with my office staff. Call Wolf at 604-474-1804 dir.



Journal date: Thurs. Oct. 17th 2013

Category: Personal effectiveness / multi-tasking



Not long ago, people would drive and talk on their cel phones. That was bad. Today people text while driving. That’s worse.  Every day I’m behind someone who’s not responding to a green light or not keeping up with traffic. I don’t remember it being this bad when it was legal to use your cel phone and drive. The law may have taken us from bad, to worse.

Interactive navigation systems in auto dashboards? At 50klms, touchscreen “pizza” and hit “current location.”  By multi tasking you can order pizza, drive and maybe crash all in the same day. But it’s all good because you’re not talking on your phone and driving. 

Multi tasking is a lot of shallow, reactionary, and frequently dangerous behaviour. When we multi task, we often react, and therefore come up with a different answer than had we taken time to think the problem through in more depth.  I know allowing myself to become hungry results in different, (read “worse”) food choices than planning my meals. 


A great article in Fast Company, “Monotasking is the new Multitasking.”  A Microsoft study found workers who dealt with an email took 10 minutes to deal with it, and another 10-15 minutes to get back to their original task. With three distractions an hour, you will not get anything done, - but you will be busy!  Multi tasking covers up a lack of clarity and focus about what you should be doing. Multitasking is how you hide time wasting.


Kahneman in his book tells us that multitasking suffers from the rate with which information decays in our brain forcing us to speed up constantly. Like a juggler with several balls in the air, you can’t afford to slow down. Multitasking requires huge mental effort, produces poorer outcomes and more stress because information evaporates!


Efficiency is not important once it leaves the context of relevance. Not all work is created equal. Only work which takes you to work goals, is useful. Everything else is either confusion or therapy.


Leave multi-tasking for front line, customer facing folks. Everybody else, pay attention think deeply and do that which moves the objectives ahead.


My pizza is ready for pickup. They texted me. 


Hire people who think deeply and thoroughly. People who have focus and the larger corporate purpose. When you have enough great people, you eventually have a great company. Let’s hire great people, one at a time.






p.s.  Source: “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner in Economics.

p.s. Source: The headline “Monotasking is the new multitasking” is taken from FastCompany, by Laura Vanderkam.


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