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The unemployment rate for perfect people is zero.

Journal date: May 27th, 2013

Category: Final stage hiring


Looking ahead, the unemployment rate for the person you want is going to be zero. Why? - because perfect people tend to be working! Boomers are retiring, and immigrant workers aren't always bringing the right skills. Now and for the next ten years, we'll all be lucky to find enough people to staff our companies. When you do find someone, - don't lose them.

Common and preventable is fumbled negotiations in the final stages of an almost complete hiring process. We approach great talent, passive talent, those right fit people who are successfully and happily working for someone else until they get my call. They will back away if your hiring managers don't project the same enthusiasm in your company that I first approached them with. Remind your hiring managers that every candidate sees potential and a better future in joining your firm, it's the only reason their talking to you. Problem is, not all managers in the interview process share that optimism. They bring their own problems into the conversation and lose good candidates.

The management points,

  1. Be a company booster.Great candidates won't accept your job offer if you don't believe in your own company. If you can't believe, excuse yourself from the hiring process.

  2. Be respectful.Great candidates won't join you if they sense a disrespectful culture. Make sure all managers are respectful to candidates. Arrogant line managers mess up more hires than anyone else.

  3. Stay open minded.Don't get a seizure around some exact salary number. Be creative, explore other options, and if you're not a lateral thinker, just don't discuss pay. Tell me, I'll put it together for you.

  4. Project total integrity.If discretion is required, perhaps you're replacing a current employee, interview candidates off premise. That's what Denny's is for. Candidates assume everything they learn about you will one day be applied to them.

  5. Allow only your best managers to interview."B" managers can never sign up "A" candidates. We can bring you great talent, but you can lose them by allowing a "B" manager to interview them. Don't.

Hiring takes time, money and the work of many people. To finally find a candidate, and then lose them in the eleventh hour, is a serious setback. The direct costs are high, the lost opportunity costs can be even higher. Companies and departments miss their business targets because the right people aren't being hired. Too often for reasons that could have been prevented.

Bringing people to your company door is my job. Getting them to sign-up is your job.
Build great companies, one great hire at a time!

Metrik Management Inc.


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