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Will an unmanaged brain chase a string?

Category: Time management, efficiency

With a title like that, you could assume I'm not managing my own brain, but please give me a minute. Why do cats chase string? A cat doesn’t want the string, it doesn’t eat string. Cats don’t wear string, so why chase string?

It’s in a cat’s nature to chase things that move, even string. The idea doesn’t have to make sense, the string just has to move. When a cat stops managing it’s brain, it starts thinking chasing string is a good idea. I think the unmanaged part of any brain is what’s in our nature. It is who we are. A few fortunate few are wired correctly and their nature is in line with a productive, healthy life. The rest of us are wired to be more self destructive.

My car is a waste of money. I enjoy good chocolate. I watch “Chopped” and “Iron Chef” both shows about people cooking gourmet food which nobody ever eats. And no matter how old you are, you still look at yourself when passing a mirror. That’s human nature and all the self improvement seminars in the world aren’t going to change it. We all suffer from an unmanaged brain.

I remember reading why you had to manage your brain. A nothing idea at first, but as it sinks in, I could see it everywhere in life! It’s why we use paper over plastic, it’s why the climate change science is based on number of votes, it’s why we fall in love!

Unmanaged brains explain all human problems! It’s about the gap between emotion and logic, feeling and thinking, ideology and pragmatism. Look around, who in the company is managing their brain? Who’s brain is in neutral? If you leave a brain alone it runs off the road in minutes, eats junk food, leaves an unfinished mess everywhere, gossips, speculates, it overheats until it breaks down.

In truth, an unmanaged brain is a big problem. To work and live productive lives we have to focus, plan, be disciplined, and have goals. Even a very smart brain won’t get you there. There are many smart people in prison only because they didn’t manage their brain. Be a good boss to your brain, it needs you.

Plan, work your plan, focus, and be disciplined. Your brain alone, won’t get you there.

Let’s build great companies by managing one brain at a time.

Thank you



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p.s. So why does a cat chase string? Because a cat’s brain is managed by a cat.

p.s. Overpopulation. Did you know that using New York city’s density, we could fit all the people in the world into the state of Texas?

p.s. Obama's resume is not what got him the job.

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